2015 Clients

Curtis Family: 2015 Portraits in Brooklyn, NY

It has been a great blessing to have gotten to know the Curtis family over the past 4 years.  As Emily and I left ourView full post »

Hill Family: 2015 Portraits in Brooklyn, NY

The thought of doing family portraits at Coney Island is both exciting and scary.  On the one hand, Coney Island isView full post »

Dan and Stephanie: 2015 Portraits in Brooklyn, NY

Dinner and a photo session has become quite the norm for us and the Johnsons.  They’re patient, generous, andView full post »

Chris Martinez: 2015 Portraits in West Village and DUMBO

We have such a special connection with Chris, having both moved from Colorado to the East Coast within the same week ofView full post »

Dylan: Bar Mitzvah in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

I’ve never been to a Bar Mitzvah, but Anna was gracious enough to help me prepare for it.  The service was veryView full post »

Tanner and Mychelle: Engagement in Boulder, CO

Most of our portrait sessions are of our friends, which is great!  We get to take their special pictures and usuallyView full post »

Josh and Shannon: Engagement at Red Rocks in Colorado

Every single photo shoot has its own reasons for wanting to be my favorite.  In this case it was an awesome vintageView full post »

Josh and Lynn: 2015 Portraits in Central Park, NY

Our time in Brooklyn has been filled with great friends.  Friends who love board games, who get married, who love dogsView full post »

Cross Family: 2015 Portraits in Owl’s Head, Brooklyn

I don’t think we’ve ever gotten so many quality photos in such a short amount of time.  The Cross family isView full post »

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